Travel Club

S.T.E.W. Crew stands for "Students Touring to Experience the World" and is a travel club that was started in 2012 by Lauren Stone, a 6th grade teacher at Bakken Elementary. The club's goal is to provide an opportunity to travel on an organized, domestic/international, educational tour to increase cultural competency. Anyone age 5th grade and up may travel with us. S.T.E.W. Crew members have previously traveled to:

Italy, Greece, Turkey, England, France, Ireland, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, 
Australia, Hawaii, Spain, and Germany.

Goals of S.T.E.W. Crew

Our goal is that after some time in S.T.E.W. Crew, students will:

  1. Value Diversity.
  2. Have the capacity for cultural self-assessment.
  3. Be conscious of the "dynamics" inherent when cultures interact.
  4. Reflect an understanding of diversity between and within cultures.
  5. Reflect attitudes, structures, policies, and services that are aligned with cultural competency.